The competition that values the best freelancers

The uPwork, Fiverr and Toptal platforms, which each bring together independent and independent, are organizing the XXX competition for the first time, intended to promote the skills of the best freelancers. It is also a good opportunity to teach client companies about new ways of organizing work.

Startup competitions are legion and are often a good way for younger companies to get noticed in the ecosystem, especially with investors. A tool that until now has not been used by self-employed workers. It was to fill this void that XXX, the competition jointly organized by community freelance platforms uPwork, Fiverr and Toptal, was created.


They bring together experts in their field and support them in researching and carrying out their assignments with client companies. “This competition aims to promote the work of freelancers and their expertise on professional and extra-professional criteria”, underlines Hayden Brown, CEO of uPwork. To designate the best freelancers in the trades covered by the three organizing companies, freelancers are invited to answer a questionnaire which will allow applications to be evaluated on two criteria.
On the one hand, professional performance, determined from the missions carried out, the objectives achieved during emblematic missions or the turnover achieved in recent years. On the other hand, extra-professional activities to which applicants have the opportunity to devote themselves thanks to the flexibility that their status entails. Whether it is looking after your family, getting involved in an association or playing high-level sport, the idea is to show that being independent or independent can nurture various commitments or passions.


The ten best files will be identified in the first half of November in each category and then submitted to a vote by the public, between September 16 and October 18, which will have to designate the three finalists in each profession. These will then be received by a jury of experts in December 2020. The award ceremony, one in each category, will take place next spring at the uPwork site in Campbell (California), an emblematic place of the startup ecosystem and representative of the new ways of working that support the wave of self-employment.


A showcase for the best freelancers



At the key for the winners? “An endowment in kind, with a large number of companies highlighting the best freelance profiles – not just the winners – during the awards evening,” explains Micha Kaufman, founder of Fiverr. Because this is one of the challenges for the growing number of independents: to stand out from the crowd with potential clients. In addition to a trophy to display, the five winners will also receive a one-week stay in the destination of their choice as well as a portrait published by one of the event’s press partners.


Succeeding in standing out is all the more crucial in the current period, as the Covid-19 crisis has changed the balance of power between freelancers and corporate clients. “Before, the relationship was lopsided, in favor of freelancers, with the skills shortage in the IT market,” recalls Breanden Beneschott, founder of Toptal. With the crisis, contractors find themselves with more resources at their disposal, and therefore more control over daily rates. However, we need a long-term balance of power between principals, freelancers and platforms. ”


Acculturate client companies to self-employment



The XXX competition also wants to serve as a spearhead for self-employment, which is booming. “We need to value“ sustainable ”independent work and make client companies understand that we must now seek to retain freelancers by not just having a“ buyer ”vision,” says Micha Kaufman. And this requires in particular the awareness of “the relevance of having recourse to structures which unite the independents and are a guarantee of their quality”, concludes Breanden Beneschott.